As is well known, in recent years some of the most provocatively challenging and intellectually intriguing developments have come from the arena of quantum physics.  These developments have stimulated many thinkers to consider what quantum reality means for everyday life and especially for our understanding of the human bodymind. The possible conjunctions of psychodynamics, neuroscience and ideas from the ‘new sciences’ invite profound investigation and imaginative speculation. The Parkmore Institute is proud to announce that our own Dr. Gerald J. Gargiulo, Professor of Psychoanalytic Studies, is the most recent recipient of the prestigious Gradiva Award. This award is presented annually by the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis, for outstanding contributions to this field. Dr. Gargiulo’s 2016 book, Quantum Psychoanalysis: Essays on Physics, Mind, and Analysis Today, richly deserved and was appropriately awarded with this great honor. Below we invite you to read a review of this book by Dr. John Turtz of the Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis. The review was published in Psychoanalytic Review and we thank Dr. Turtz for allowing us to upload it here.