Doctorate in Psychosocial Studies


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The DPI Degree.  Candidates admitted to this degree will typically be active in developing and implementing all sorts of intervention programs and other modes of social activism that are informed by psychoanalytic and psychodynamic insights about human functioning. Thus the focus of this doctorate will be on the advanced education of individuals who are involved in all sorts of community action, environmental advocacy, cultural or political organization and related programs, and who are sensitive to the relevance of psychoanalytic and psychodynamic insights about human functioning. Based on the expertise that such individuals have acquired in the field, Candidates will craft an educational program that will advance their work.  Candidates will then take at least one Qualifying Tutorial or Seminar with one of the Institute’s Faculty.  The purpose of this learning experience would be to ensure that the Candidate has knowledge of a broad range of issues concerning psychosocial intervention theories and practices, rather than being too narrowly focused on the particular work they have already achieved.  Following this Qualifying experience of learning, the Candidate ‑‑‑ together with the guidance and mentoring of a member of the Institute’s Faculty ‑‑‑ completes a Doctoral Project.  This might be an article or book published in a reputable outlet, a series of publishable case reports, or a publishable piece of research.

An example of the sort of Candidate who should come to the Parkmore Institute:  Ms. D is the Director of an NGO engaged in early childhood intervention for people in a slum district. She comes to the Institute to gain a broader understanding of some of the issues surrounding such interventions as well as the history of community action of the type she is undertaking.  Her doctoral project will consist of a report and critical evaluation of the work done by her NGO. She chose the Parkmore Institute because she wants to learn more, because she wants learning that is directly relevant to her activism, because she does not want to have to leave her work with the NGO and her home to fulfill residency requirements, because she knows the Institute’s Faculty are “the real thing,” and because ‑‑‑ let’s be forthright ‑‑‑ she knows she deserves the dignity of the title, “Doctor.”

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The Parkmore Institute's office is located in Wilmington, Delaware, USA.  However, it is currently expanding and welcomes applications from prospective students, as well as potential Faculty and Fellows, from all parts of the world.