Doctorate in Bodymind Healing


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The DBH Degree.  Candidates admitted to this degree program will typically be actively committed as clinical practitioners of some mode of bodymind therapy, bodywork or (psycho)somatic healing.  Applicants will usually already have completed a systematic course of training in one of the current schools of “body psychotherapy” or somatic psychology.  For example, before coming to the Parkmore Institute for this doctorate, the Candidate will typically hold a certificate in some modality such as Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing, Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing, Ron Kurtz’s Hakomi, Alexander Loewen’s Bioenergetics, or similar.  Based on the expertise acquired in the course of such training, Candidates will then take at least one Qualifying Tutorial or Seminar with one of the Institute’s Faculty.  The purpose of this learning experience would be to ensure that the Candidate has knowledge of a broad range of bodymind theories and practices, rather than being narrowly focused on the particular modality in which s/he has trained.  Following this Qualifying experience of learning, the Candidate ‑‑‑ together with the guidance and mentoring of a member of the Institute’s Faculty ‑‑‑ completes a Doctoral Project.  This might be an article or book published in a reputable outlet, a series of publishable case reports, or a publishable piece of research.

An example of the sort of Candidate who should come to the Parkmore Institute:  Ms. A is a licensed therapist, who received a Master’s in Counseling from an accredited university and who subsequently completed a four‑year training with a well known school of body psychotherapy.  She comes to the Institute to undertake a seminar that would acquaint her with the history of psychotherapeutic methods as well as the full range of such bodymind practices across cultures.  Her doctoral project will consist of a clinical report and critical evaluation of a series of treatments she has undertaken with trauma survivors. She chose the Parkmore Institute because she wants to learn more, because she wants learning that is directly relevant to her clinical practice, because she does not want to have to leave her clinical practice and her home to fulfill residency requirements, because she knows the Institute’s Faculty are “the real thing,” and because ‑‑‑ let’s be forthright ‑‑‑ she knows she deserves the dignity of the title, “Doctor.”

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The Parkmore Institute's office is located in Wilmington, Delaware, USA.  However, it is currently expanding and welcomes applications from prospective students, as well as potential Faculty and Fellows, from all parts of the world.