Doctoral Programs

A doctoral education with the Parkmore Institute is of high scholarly standards, individually tailored to
the needs of the activist and practitioner, without residency requirements, and affordable!


The Parkmore Institute is not-for-profit and is committed to making its educational services available to all, including those from previously disadvantaged communities and low income countries. If you wish to support this effort, a donation would be greatly appreciated.


There is an urgent need worldwide for activists and practitioners, who are experienced and engaged in the work of progressive social and personal change, as well as scholars who are committed to values of social and personal freedom and justice, to have opportunities to advance their education and to be able to collaborate in a collegial setting with other individuals who share the same or similar commitments.

The Parkmore Institute aims to be a world leader in offering innovative doctoral education that meets the needs of activists and practitioners in social and personal change professions.  The Institute does not offer the traditional PhD from an accredited institution ‑‑‑ a degree that often requires original research that is beyond the scope of the activist’s or practitioner’s interests.  Rather, our doctorates are educationally valid, mentored by top‑level PhD, and tailored to the individual’s commitments.

Who should apply for a doctoral education with the Parkmore Institute?  If you are an activist, clinician or practitioner who has already achieved a significant expertise in your field, yet would like to advance your education authentically, taking your knowledge to the next level and earning the distinction of a professional doctoral degree … if you are able to be self‑directed, yet interested in benefitting from  the mentorship of an accomplished scholar … if you are ready to write-up your passions, your expertise, and your life’s commitment as a doctoral project … and if you don’t need your doctorate to be governmentally approved or accredited … then the Parkmore Institute is for you!

The Parkmore Institute offers the following programs:

Doctorate in Bodymind Healing“DBH”Currently accepting applications[Click here for further details]
Doctorate in Human Sexuality“DHS”Currently accepting applications[Click here for further details]
Doctorate in Psychoanalytic Studies“DPsa”Currently accepting applications[Click here for further details]
Doctorate in Psychosocial Studies“DPS”Currently accepting applications[Click here for further details]

Prospective Candidates, who are active in their field of social or personal change, and who hold a recognizable Master’s degree, are invited to apply.

Structure of Doctoral Studies

Upon admission to the program of their choice, Candidates consult with the Director of Studies to develop a program of learning tailored to their individual needs.  It must be understood that, generally speaking, Candidates admitted to the Parkmore Institute are already actively committed and have considerable expertise in their fields.  For this reason, the doctoral programs are structured in two phases:

Qualifying Tutorials or Seminars

Each Candidate is paired with a suitable Faculty member, who shares interest and expertise in a field close to that of the Candidate.  Working individually with the Faculty person (or sometimes with a group of like‑minded Candidates), each Candidate is then guided in a course of study to ensure general expertise and a well‑rounded appreciation of her/his field of interest.  Typically, each tutorial or seminar lasts a period of six months.  Often only one is required to qualify for the doctoral project; some Candidates may require more.

Doctoral Project

With the one‑to‑one guidance and mentoring of a suitable Faculty member, the Candidate then undertakes a doctoral project.  The requirements of this vary somewhat depending on the degree being pursued, but in no case are they the same as those demanded by a PhD dissertation, since the latter typically requires extensive original research and often takes the Candidate away from her/his engagement “in the field.”  At the Parkmore Institute, the purpose of the doctoral project is for the Candidate to integrate, synthesize and disseminate some aspect of her/his area of specialized knowledge and experience.  That is, the project for a professional doctorate is typically a report on work that the activist or practitioner is actually already undertaking “in the field.”  To the extent possible, all doctoral projects will be available on the Parkmore Institute’s website, commencing January 2020.

Admission Requirements

Candidates interested in application should send to the Director of Studies:

  1. Evidence of their prior education, including documentation of their Master’s degree;
  2. A statement of their experiences as an activist or practitioner;
  3. A statement of their interest in the particular doctoral degree and what they would like to accomplish by affiliation with the Parkmore Institute.  Some doctoral programs may have additional requirements.
The Parkmore Institute's office is located in Wilmington, Delaware, USA.  However, it is currently expanding and welcomes applications from prospective students, as well as potential Faculty and Fellows, from all parts of the world.