Diploma Programs

At the Parkmore Institute,
we believe you should not be required to have graduated high‑school or a university
in order to advance your education as an advocate, an activist,
or a practitioner in the service of social and personal change.
We will support your desire for further education,
and we will recognize your accomplishments
with a diploma of which you can be truly proud!


The Parkmore Institute is not-for-profit and is committed to making its educational services available to all, including those from previously disadvantaged communities and low income countries. If you wish to support this effort, a donation would be greatly appreciated.


Diploma in Psychoanalytic Studies … Please contact the Director of Studies for further details.

Diploma in Human Sexuality … Please contact the Director of Studies for further details.

Diploma in Psychosocial Intervention:  There is an urgent need worldwide to support the education and to recognize the accomplishments of all those who labor, at ground level, in the service of social and personal change.  The Parkmore Institute seeks to support the learning and the dignity of such individuals.  To this end, we are launching in January 2018 a diploma program in psychosocial intervention.  The only requirements for admission to this program will be the individual’s active commitment to methods of social and personal change that recognize the psychodynamic and psychosocial complexity of change processes.  The diploma program will consist of an ongoing seminar, facilitated by Faculty and Associate Fellows of the Institute.  Active and earnest participation in this eight month seminar will lead to the diplomate status.

 If you might be interested in this program or know of organizations working in the field that might be interested in it, please let us know at Director@ParkmoreInstitute.org

These diplomas are granted when the applicant has proved sufficient knowledge in these fields.  Sometimes an additional plan of study is recommended.  The diploma requires the passing of an examination at a standard of excellence.

The Parkmore Institute's office is located in Wilmington, Delaware, USA.  However, it is currently expanding and welcomes applications from prospective students, as well as potential Faculty and Fellows, from all parts of the world.