Critique and Praxis: Commentaries

Thinking about Books…one psychoanalyst’s perspective

After forty five years of psychoanalytic practice, it is not a particularly easy task to pick out ten books that I believe are singularly important for anyone wishing to understand psychoanalysis ‑‑‑ as a theory of the mind, a cultural critique and a therapeutic practice. I will inevitably leave out some essential texts out (e.g., the works of Sándor Ferenczi and Otto Fenichel). I read many of the books I have listed many years ago. Yet they were formative of my thinking in a foundational way.

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Body Language: Are men, by their nature, brutish? (Men will only really change if they are willing to examine their fantasies and feelings authentically)

Published in South Africa’s Mail and Guardian, January 5th to 11th, 2018, page 15. South Africa is a worldwide frontrunner in rape and domestic violence.  The international news is now also focused on powerful men’s mistreatment of women in the USA (Donald Trump, Bill...

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The Parkmore Institute has offices in South Africa (Johannesburg, Gauteng) and the USA (Wilmington, Delaware).  However, it is currently expanding and welcomes applications from prospective students, as well as potential Faculty and Fellows, from all parts of the world.